Cartier Tortue multi-fuseaux: a "world hours" that takes into account summer time, winter time...

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The watchmaker-jeweler Cartier has unveiled a new version of his famous turtle Watch: a timepiece to the very identity box, we proposed this year in a version or pink or white gold, very cosy, which houses a manufacture self-winding mechanical calibre for simultaneously displaying multiple time zones. A turtle certainly, but who travels fast and far...

The turtle multi-fuseaux from Cartier Watch offers within its sumptuous dial, a large number of time information and ease of implementation able to seduce contemporary Globetrotters, whose first desire is to get a single glance the time of the place where they go, without losing that of the place of departure and most importantly, access to these data without having to proceed to a number incalculable and tedious manipulations... More settings to perform, more sources of errors are high...

In this spirit, Cartier combines in this Replica Watches uk, the simplicity of the lines of his imposing turtle shaped case (51 x 45.6 mm) available in rose gold, white gold and gem-set version to the readability of a very elaborate dial has several levels as well as a manufacture calibre.

At first glance, we find immediately all identity codes Cartier: form turtle well obviously, but also the Sapphire faceted the winding Crown, the serious dial, Roman numerals, etc. Also note the work of the center of the finely carved and lacquered dial blue representing part of the planisphere. This decor, an invitation to travel, will allow less connoisseurs to guess, even to good distance, that this instrument of time measurement is intended to serve the cause of Globetrotters!

At first glance, this watch combines the timelessness of its lines to a rather contemporary dial says nothing of his skills... And yet, this piece does not merely have a UTC function, current and terminology common to set a watch with two time zones independently configurable that many still call a GMT... The turtle multi-fuseaux from Cartier Watch goes further than this exercise has become common since its invention by Rolex in 1953.

Indeed, this timepiece ranks in the family of so-called watches hours of world. These models usually have on their dial a mobile disk on which the names of various cities intended to embody the hour of the time zone in which they are found are décalqués. Only, not to weigh down the drawing, the watchmakers of the manufacture Cartier chose to present the names of cities, normally readable on the outskirts of the dial, by an opening in the side of build of the turtle multi-fuseaux watch!

"This modular construction associated with the 1904 MC manufacture calibre, developed in the workshops of Cartier in la Chaux-de-Fonds, can provide the simplest way that is essential to the modern traveller information" provides the brand in its release Rolex Replica uk. To avoid any intellectual gymnastics, the time of the place where is located the wearer of the watch is displayed using the needles for ease of reading increased, while that of the place of departure is indicated on a hemispherical window open in the lower part of the watch with a needle that day/night with solar and Lunar symbols.

This ingenious mechanism associated with the pusher located at 2 hours allows to know the time corresponding to 24 most commonly used time zone cities and have them appear on the 24-hour sector. But as it was enough not, watch turtle multi-fuseaux shoot perfection to take into account the transition to daylight saving from different countries compliance with and reporter on a different scale of reference in order to restore the soundness of the zone during the seven months during which daylight saving time is in effect - watch subtlety already presents year last in the Calibre de Cartier multiple...

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